Question: does it affect the animal when they put it into space?

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  1. Hi buzzching,
    To be honest I really don’t know. I assume the lack of gravity will influence bone structure and ultimately the size/height of the animals.


  2. Hi Buzzching

    Great question! Conditions in space (no gravity) can have significant effects on the body – atrophy (or breakdown) of the muscles and bones etc. These effects will be seen on both humans and animals in space. Along with this, what the animal experiences will also affect it. For example, animals can find unfamiliar situations/smells/sounds very scary. When astronauts enter space they understand what will happen to them and why. This isn’t the case for the animals that are sent up so there is a risk that they may be pretty scared and distressed about the whole process.

    I found an interesting link to animals in space on the NASA site if you want more information…