Question: Im really intested in animals and want to be a zoologist, could you give me a few tips to cope with, study and/or a career with animls?

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  1. Hey Niki02

    That’s great that you already have an idea of the field you want to work in.

    If you want a good career in any animal-related field you need to be dedicated. I would recommend doing a lot of work experience/volunteer in places that interest you. This helps you to figure out what field you want to work in specifically, as well as gain lots of knowledge and skills that will make you very employable. Post a comment below if you want more specific examples, but places like national parks, animal shelters and farms are a great place to start depending on the field you want to work in.

    For studying specifically, you will always perform better in subjects that you’re interested in so choose those. Second tip is don’t be afraid to ask for help! That’s what we (as scientists and your teachers) are here for