Question: How much methane does a cow produce in one day and could this contribute to global warming?

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  1. Hey Michaelt4

    Yes, cows do contribute to global warming. There is lots of research underway to determine how this can be reduced. There are a few different ideas on how to control this, improving diet and feeding alternative substances are two of them.

    I just did a little research on this one as I don’t know the stats off the top of my head… Cattle produce up to 250L of methane a day. On my searching I found a few things…

    A general article from Dr Karl is here:

    A nice one on some AU research is here:

    And finally, some peer-reviewed research (the best kind because it means it has been evaluated by independent scientists):

    They say that “Agricultural emissions of methane in the EU-15 have recently been estimated at 10.2 million tonnes per year and represent the greatest source. Of these, approximately two-thirds come from enteric fermentation (ruminant fermentation in the stomach) and one-third from livestock manure”

    Interesting stuff!!