Question: How will global warming affect your research in the future?


  1. @kaiser
    Many ways. Our research investigates nitrogen use by plants. Unfortunately much of the nitrogen we use in agriculture isn’t used properly by the plants we grow (less than 50% for most crops). Leftover or lost nitrogen can be converted into a greenhouse gas called nitrous oxide. This gas can enter the atmosphere and contribute to greenhouse gasses and consequently global warming. Nitrous oxide has a big impact on global warming as it is approximately 300 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

    Global warming also affects how we study plants in the field through higher temperatures, increased drought and general plant stress. These experiments get more difficult each year.


  2. Yes it will have impact. Because global warming will impact crop production. Further development will be needed to address the problems emerging because of climate change. Agricultural systems are very vulnerable to climatic conditions and small increases in temperature are very detrimental to productivity. The development of crop varieties with increased tolerance to climate change, for example, resistance to prolonged drought periods, will become an important strategy to meet global food demands with less water. These traits will need to be part of any new crop variety developed.


  3. It will have a big impact on agriculture because crops are very sensitive to the climate they grow in. The crops that are grown by farmers are chosen because they are well suited to the environment. If the environment changes, those plants may not be able to grow there anymore. So it will be important for agricultural scientists to fix these problems by developing new strains of plants that can deal with hotter, dryer climates and find new techniques of growing crops using less water.


  4. Climate change and global warming will affect my research because we will have to understand how animals will cope with the higher overall temperature and extreme weather events. Not only will this affect their welfare (floods, drought, extreme heat and cold can all affect an animal’s survival), but it will also affect their production.


  5. There are two ways to answer this. Direct effect on me and effect on the areas that research covers. I guess global warming will effect the way i live and get to work sure, and also maybe the energy sources i use in my office. Research wise it most certainly will change the type of research and where the money is for work.