Question: what is agricultural biotechnology is it fun and exciting

  1. Bio is short for biology, which is the study of all living things and technology is another word for tools. Biotechnology is a tool that uses biology to make new products. Agricultural biotechnology is a precise way to make crop plants with special qualities. These plants allow farmers to grow crops that are more nutritious, more resistant to pests and are more productive. While farmers have been breeding plants to create better crops for centuries, biotechnology takes the process a giant step further.
    Yes, it is a lot of fun in itself but it also feels good doing it because you know that what you are doing will impact a lot of lives in a very positive way.



  1. In Europe they talk about a bio economy. This is where biotechnologies are used in an integrated way across the economy. In Holland for example they pipe left over CO2 from oil refineries in Rotterdam down to a farm with glasshouse grown tomatoes. The CO2 is used to supercharge the tomato growth. The heat from the glasshouses is then circulated through the local village to keep them warm in winter. The company that owns the glasshouses makes more money from selling the control systems for the glasshouses than selling the tomatoes! but both parts of the business are important.