Question: What is the purpose of cloning?

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  1. Hi andycap11
    The purpose is to make more of one type a type; cloning a plants is like photocopying a plant


  2. Hi andycap11,

    We clone things to increase the number of identical organisms. This is done a lot in microbiology and plant sciences where we try to have multiples of the same things to study or analyse. My work is a bit different to sheep cloning, its been a common thing with plants forever – many seeds are identical clones to their parents.



  3. Like Brent said, clones are useful for studying organisms and it is used extensively in agriculture. For example I visited an apple orchard yesterday and the farmer showed us his newly grafted trees. Grafting is sort of like cloning because small branches of a mother tree are cut off and attached to the stump of another tree so the farmer can grow the variety he wants without planting whole new trees. All apples trees are grafted because if you grow a tree from seed, its genetics will always be different to its parent tree and then all the apples would look and taste different.


  4. It is an identical replication that it a great test bed, but also is a standard that you might want to use because it is a high yielding one or such like.


  5. I think Brent and Dominique have this answer covered!