Question: Science is one of my best subjects and I was wondering what it's like to study it in university.


  1. Hi Strawberrybunny =) thanks for the question. so far it is pretty fun. I really enjoy plant and animal biology. It’s a bit different from school because we have separate lectures and practical classes. You learn so much in both of them and the practical classes are especially good because you can spend the time (they go for 2-3 hours) on what you want really. As long as you get the tasks done in your prac book, then you can spend ages on your favourite microscope slide or whatever you are looking at 🙂 You aren’t being marked on everything so you can really take the time to learn and understnad what you are seeing. The teachers and helpers that are there really take the time to explain things to you in detail and in person. I also have to do chemistry which i don’t really like but even that is interesting because you start to enjoy it when you understand a bit better. University is great, you will love it. What grade are you in, and what things do you do in science class?



  1. that makes it sound easier then it looks


  2. thats really long two to three hours is it fun


    • yep, you don’t necessarily have to stay for that long but you will want to because there’s so much to learn =)