Question: will any of you be nominated for a nobel prize? have you won any awards?

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  1. Dear danenge and stephw, no I don’t anticipate getting a nobel prize. But yes I have won some awards for my work.


  2. Not anticipating any Nobel prize. I have won an award for my work though. No money just a medal.


  3. Hi danenge and stephw,

    Probably not but you never know. The nobel prize is generally awarded to fundamental breakthroughs that have significant impact to a particular field of science. You never know what a research direction may develop into and whether others think it is important as you do. Generally you find out quite quickly if that is the case.

    I’ve been given awards during my career. These are nice to receive.


  4. I doubt it, but I can always dream.


  5. I wish 🙂 It’s much to early for me to win any awards but maybe one day