Question: What was the biggest challenge you have ever faced?

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  1. Deciding to enter graduate school and begin a career in science. You never know which is the best direction to follow for your career. I took a punt and it has paid off.


  2. Moving to Australia for a sabatical and then deciding to quit a permanent job in India and stay in Australia, not knowing how my career will work out and if I will be able to get a job long term was challenging decision. But it has been good so far.


  3. Working out what I wanted to do at uni, and then preparing for the job interviews along the way


  4. um I guess moving to France on my own for several months and learning to live independently in a foreign country


  5. Hey Magicalninja007 (cool name!)

    One of the biggest challenges I’ve ever faced was presenting at my first conference. As a PhD student I had to give a presentation to a room of a few hundred scientists. It was really scary because I felt so under qualified! It turned out to be not as bad as I expected, and I’ve never been as nervous to speak again.