Question: In a "utopian world", how would discoveries and ideas in agriculture benefit the lives of the population and how they live each day?

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  1. Hi davidmcafee,

    In my field if we can crack how to grow plants on significantly less water or tolerate bouts of drought more effectively while still maintaing production, I think will be a utopian moment. Unfortunately, we are still along ways away from that realisation.


  2. In my work we try and make it easier for agricultural produce to access markets overseas, minimise the import of unwanted pests and diseases, imporve productivity drivers like encouraging investment in research, avoiding duoplication between different levels of government . In an utopian world people would know a lot more about agriculture and appreciate where their food comes from so that it makes it easier for farmers to get a better share of scientific research.


  3. David, for me, in an Utopian world, we’ll be able to produce and distribute enough nutritious food to feed everyone and keep them healthy.


  4. Hey Davidmcafee,

    I think that the others have provided lovely answers. Along with this, I would like to see improve animal welfare worldwide – improving how people treat and use animals.