Question: what do plant cells look like?

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  1. Hi mikimouse =) there are lots of different types of plant cells! they all have the same basic parts like a nucleus and a vacuole but as the cells mature they become specialised for their own specific purpose. For example there are different cells for transporting sugars through the plant, and for photosynthesis, and xylem cells for transporting water which are actually dead cells that make an empty tube for water to travel through. In class last week we also looked at some interesting cells like aerenchyma cells in the cord-rush plant which are sort of star shaped and join together at the points so there is lots of empty space between them for gaseous exchange or to keep aquatic plants floating =) we also looked at some cells in the leaves of the Dumb Cane plant that shoot poisonous needle-like crystals into the mouth of an animal when it tries to eat the leaves!

    here’s a drawing of a basic plant cell:

    an aerenchyma cell in Juncus (cord-rush):

    parenchyma cells in Dumb Cane:

    hope that helps! =)